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I am simulating a system with a 500 kW Diesel Generator (inv & rep cost 190 $/kW/yr, o&m cost 0.02 $/kW/yr), PV system with max size 51 kW (inv & rep cost 1044 $/kW/yr with inverter cost, o&m cost 19 $/kW/yr) and a Li-ion Batteries with whatever capacity (inv & rep cost 1366 $/kWh/yr, o&m cost 3 $/kWh/yr) and converter with whatever capacity (inv & rep cost 1000 $/kWh/yr, o&m cost 3 $/kWh/yr).

My load is around 200 kW. (DG are already installed so need to work with that).

Best result is 500 kW DG and 51 kW PV and almost no batteries 0.3 kWh/1kW. 

I don't understand why. It is not possible technically to have no batteries. The intermittency of PV would affect the DG operations. 

What do you think about that ? 

Posted : June 7, 2017 3:52 am
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My guess would be that your battery is very expensive..

Your battery wear cost is extremely high. Your battery wear cost = Replacement Cost / (LifetimeThroughput *SQRT(RTE))

Try decreasing the battery wear costs and seeing if the battery is sized more?

Hope this helps!

Aarabi Madhavan

Posted : June 9, 2017 12:27 pm
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Thank you for your answer. However, it doesn't influence the results. 

The wired thing is also that for the o&m cost of batteries, 4.2 $/kWh/yr. If I take a battery of 1000kWh, I will have approximately 80000 $ of o&m cost, less than DG o&m. 

Posted : June 14, 2017 2:11 am

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