Software bug in Solar GHI import function  


Dear all HOMER Pro user,

I would like to ask for help to any HOMER Pro user not limited to HOMER Energy Support team regarding the Solar GHI function.

Does anyone face a same problem when implementing the model located in any Asia-Pacific Country (except Philippines) and then get the  Global Solar (kW/m2) resources available at night time?

You can observe the Global Solar data through TIME SERIES PLOT in simulation result.

To describe in details, I have tried the model set the location in Fiji Island. When download the data from Internet (NASA), the global solar plot shows  available resources between 6PM and 6AM while the Solar PV output looks fine by following the resources (at night time).  However, I did export the Time Series Plot and made Solar data time shifting from 6PM - 6AM in an excel file to 6AM - 6PM and then imported back ( 8760 data)to the model. The result is PV output cannot follow the updated day-time resources, but instead give a very tiny spike signal output every hour.

I was then thinking about other factors which might possible be the components. So, I  tested PV/load/grid/Generator/Constraint, etc settings. But to be honest, PV output is still shown as spike signal except when download directly from NASA and allow the resources to be available at night time.

Actually I would like to share .HOMER file here but unfortunately there is no ATTACH link available.

Feel free to post any opinion or suggestion below. I would like to know whether I am the only user who stuck in this very basic function of HOMER Pro or not. 

Thank you in advance for your kind support!



Posted : November 6, 2018 6:25 pm
Illustrious HOMER Admin

Hello Verapatra,


Please ensure your time zone is set before downloading the resource to avoid this issue.


Best Regards,

Dhiwaakar Rajasekaran

Posted : November 26, 2018 1:46 pm

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