Gasification Ratio  

I am a student doing a project on power generation using biogas as my resource. 
I got a challenge with the gasification ratio in the biomass resource. The way I understand is that gasification is used in combustion of biomass in the gasifier to produce syngas. I have tried to search for gasification ratio online but I haven't found any other definitions. On the other hand in anaerobic digestion the biogas yield (given in m3/animal/day) is the one used. I got some questions below I would like to ask.
1. Is the gasification ratio in Homer Pro related to combustion process of biomass alone?
2. From the user manual:  Gasification Ratio = kg gas/ kg biomass. I would like to request to know what constitutes 'kg biomass'. Since biomass constitutes 
    the variables; moisture, total solids and volatile solids whose weights can also be given in kilograms.
3. If I have the density of biogas (which will help to get the mass of the biogas) and I got the mass of the biomass (from 2 above) will it be okay for me to 
    substitute the mass obtained, in the formular above and use it (as gasification ratio) in simulation?
Thanks in advance.
Posted : May 9, 2017 7:55 am

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