Adjusting Battery dispatch modes at grid demand hours  


I am simulating a hybrid system (solar PV, grid, load, battery bank) and have the problem that the batteries are never discharging if I leave the default setting in the grid demand section for the system dispatch strategy (default the strategy is based on economics). I believe, the reason for that is that the batteries are pretty expensive and the electricity demand charges are relatively high. If I set the costs for the batteries to zero, they charge and discharge perfectly fine.  

When selecting the option maximize battery charging during peak hours (that's when the solar in on in my chase) and maximize discharging during off peak hours it sort of works but not not in a smart way. It would charge the batteries and then wait until off-peak hours and discharge them. Obviously my savings would be higher if I discharge them during peak hours. Also the batteries are never getting charged on weekends because the whole weekend are off-peak hours.

So is there a way to always prioritize the batteries and use them as much as possible? I know I could write an input file but there might be an easier way since this is a pretty standard situation.


Posted : February 22, 2018 2:18 am

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