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I have been trying to simulate a Diesel-PV-Battery system on HOMER. When I limit the optimizer to 1000 kWp PV it gives me an LCOE of 0.316 with 987kWp PV, 1507 kWh/154 kW battery/converter . However, when I limit it to 10000 kWp, I get a greater LCOE of 0.34 with 1053 kWp PV and 3251 kWh/420 kW. It doesn’t make sense since HOMER is looking for the lowest LCOE.

why does he choose a configuration with a greater LCOE when I give him a larger range ?

Posted : May 2, 2017 3:29 am
Noble HOMER Admin

Hello Wassim,

Great question. The optimizer is a pretty complex bit of software, I'm not 100% on how it functions but it is less accurate the larger the search space it is given. The best method to use it would be to run a simulation with it set to the high value and then reduce it to something more reasonable for accurate results. In your scenario I would see what happens if you run it at 2000 kWp and run with those results, as in the 10000 kWp scenario suggested a value greater than your 1000 kWp simulation.

Hope that helps,

Posted : May 2, 2017 10:39 am

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