Half hourly meter readings and scaled annual average  



I'm relatively new to Homer Pro and looking for some advice. I have half hourly meter readings from a large site. Which I have successfully imported into Homer Pro. The load curve accurate reflects the site. As would be expected. The problem is that the total kWh that Homer models from this is approximately 50% lower than the reality (250,000 predicted vs 500,000 actual). If I use the scaled annual average and take the 500,000 figure and divide by 365. This will give me a figure of 1,4000kWh/day which I have input into the box. 

Is this the correct approach? Is it expected that half-hourly meter readings would underestimate by 50% and is using a larger scaled annual average based on real annual consumption the correct approach? Or it my half-hourly data somehow wrong?


Posted : February 14, 2018 10:30 am

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