Strange Results after using Homer Optimizer  


Homer Pro with Advanced Grid and Advanced Load.

We are using the Homer Optimizer on the Generator and Converter and using discreet values for PV and Wind generators.

We also have 2 sensitivity variables, Diesel Fuel price (3 values) and Electrical Load (2 values).

Strange results:

  • Generator Size is calculated the same in BOTH load values as the Largest size necessary for the Big Load (20,000 kW below)
  • Converter is sized by Homer Optimizer very far from the  PV size (e.g. 13000 kWp PV with 4214 kW converter, etc.)
  • PV Size is "optimized" to be Smaller on th Large Load and Larger on the ... Small Load (all other components are equal!)

Anyone with ideas on ANY of the above irregularities?

Cheers, Chris



Sensitivity/Diesel Fuel Price ($/L) Sensitivity/Electric Load #1 Scaled Average (kWh/d) Architecture/PV (kW) Architecture/E-82 E2 Architecture/Gen (kW) Architecture/Converter (kW) Architecture/Dispatch Cost/COE ($)
0.55 210000   3 20000   CC 0.271885
0.55 68800.008 13000 3 20000 4214.375 CC 0.5394185
0.75 210000 4000 3 20000 3020.302083 CC 0.3187914
0.75 68800.008 16000 3 20000 4214.375 CC 0.6010059
1 210000 6000 3 20000 4214.375 CC 0.3750444
1 68800.008 16000 3 20000 4214.375 CC 0.6750696


Posted : August 1, 2017 12:16 am
Illustrious HOMER Admin

Hello Christos,


It looks like some of your results that you pasted are cut out. It would be better if you could attach the HOMER file so it would be easier to look at what is wrong. Also, the community forum is mainly intended to help students who need help with using HOMER Pro. I would appreciate it if you could send us an e-mail at with the HOMER file so we can try to help.



Dhiwaakar Purusothaman

Posted : August 7, 2017 12:23 pm

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