BUG: Solar GHI Resource  

Trusted HOMER

I'm comparing PV generation using different solar resources; HOMER's synthesized GHI from NREL and the GHI from the TMY. I used the "Enter monthly averages" option first and downloaded the GHI from NREL, ran a sim, then used the "Import from a time series data file or the library" option to import the GHI from the TMY file, and ran another sim. 


After seemingly attaching these two different sources to the model, the user is able to toggle between the "Enter monthly averages" and "Import from a time series data file or the library" options, which display the two different sources as "Downloaded at MM/DD/YYYY..." or "File: C:\...". However, when running these two different options, the PV generation is exactly the same, which makes it unclear which resource HOMER is using for the simulations.


It appears that after importing the GHI from a file the user must re-download the GHI to use it again, even though HOMER displays that it was downloaded.

Posted : August 8, 2017 11:14 am

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