Modeling Tesla Powerwall 2 ?  


Powerwall 2 appears to be quite competitive to other Li-based battery e-storage units. Does Homer provide a way to model it in a hybrid system? Thanks.

Bob Mason


Hey Bob, 3.8 beta is now live.


Hey Bob, great question.

We're in the process of launching the BETA version of HOMER Pro 3.8, this update adds a lot of new components to our component library including a few storage components from Tesla. This version should be available later this week, check the downloads page in the coming days. If you subscribe to this thread I can post on here to notify you. Naturally, as a BETA version it won't be in perfect running condition so if you find any bugs please let us know.

If you'd like to test the component in the version of HOMER you're currently running, I've attached the file that will be included in the upcoming beta release. Our component library engineer had to make some assumptions because Tesla can be notoriously hard to get detailed specifications from, but if you want to change any of the details it can easily be modified within HOMER. After you have downloaded the file, go to the "Library" tab and click on the import button to bring in the new component.

Any feedback is most welcome.

Happy modeling,

If you're interested in modeling the commercial variant, I've provided the file for you below as well.

I am also trying to model the Tesla Powerwall 2. Its now included in the Pro version. But The issue is I am modelling a grid connected PV system with Tesla as storage and fixed PV size; but I can't get the system to use the powerwall. its only uses 16kwh over the whole year??? All power seems to come for the grid or PV? is ther a way to force the Tesla to cycle so its fully used?





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