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My name is Manfred Esther.

My thesis examine the feasibility of photovoltaic installations on the roofs of public schools in Israel.

I want to simulate a grid connected -PV system (up to 50 kW installed) which is installed for self-consumption and selling the surplus to the grid.


I wanted to make sure that the data I have entered are correct because in each simulation I am running the KW installed according to the software is 2.8 - although it may reach to 50KW and sell the surplus to the grid.

Pleas advice

Thanks in advance


I think I've answered your question on a different medium, I have your HOMER file on my computer and I'm pretty sure I talked to you about it. Let me know if I am incorrect.


Hi Andrew, 

I sent you the question in e-mail  and you advised me to write the question here in the community website

can you pleas help me ?


Oh my apologies, I deal with a lot of general support issues as you may have noticed.

So the solution to your problem is actually a very simple one, it looks like you have clicked on the "explicitly model maximum power point tracker" under MPPT in your PV configuration and you have the size of your inverter set to 1kW, this obviously limits the optimum capacity of your PV. What you will want to do is set the size to your upper bound of PV or even larger, or uncheck "explicitly model maximum power point tracker". I've attached a screenshot with some arrows to clarify what I'm talking about.

Sorry again for the delay in getting back to you. It was totally my fault.

PV in Israel

Thank you very much



Image Link didn't work on that one, here you go.


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