Biomass module  



I installed Homer Pro and I am testing it right now. I need to simulate anaerobic digestion processes? How can I do it?




Hey Esteban,

Can you describe the specific use case for the anaerobic digester? That would give me an idea of where to direct you to model it.

- Andrew

Hi Andrew,

The use case is the following:

I need to model how many biogas and electricity can I obtain from a flow of biomass on a biodigester. The first step is triturate and mix the diferent kinds of biomass: manures, vegatables wastes, and organics wastes with water. Later this mixture is put on the biodigester and at the end of the anaerobic process obtain: a flow of biogas and biofertilizer. The results depend of some variables such as: ph of the mixture , mixture carbon-nitrogen relation, temperture, total solids and volatile solids of the mixture, hydraulic retention time ant kind of technology.



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