Thermal storage - heat buffer  


Is there any work-around to simulate a heat buffer as thermal storage device in combination with a CHP generator? The idea is to store surplus heat to satisfy a thermal load at a later point in time. Such a scenario is very common in CHP applications where the generator has a certain minimum run-time but thermal load is already satisfied or in a scenario where the generator runs to sell electricity to the grid but thermal load is lower than heat generation. Thanks for any hints.

I am also interested in simulating a thermal buffer ! 🙂


Hi Bert,


Thermal storage is not currently formally supported in HOMER Pro. However, you can adapt the deferrable load to model a thermal storage application—but it does not tie into the thermal bus directly.

Please refer to the following knowledge base article for more information:

You can also read about deferrable loads in the online manual:



Dhiwaakar Purusothaman


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