[Solved] System Control Menu  


This is such a stupid question so hopefully it will be quick. 

I'm trying to find the "System Control Menu" to edit some charging/discharging features of my battery.  Every web reference I can find states: "In the "System" tab, click on the "Project" button, and then the "System Control" tab. This controls when the battery charges."


There is no "System" button under the "Project" tab.  I've explored every other menu and tab and cannot locate these settings.  Any thoughts?

Edited: 1 year  ago

It seems this tab is made active by some option.

 Can anyone clarify


The two tabs have been merged into one "Project Tab". See screenshot.

The article you are referring to is outdated. The two options for dispatch " Load Following" and "Cycle Charging" can be found under controller component. 



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