PV East-West configration simulation and Bifacial Modules  


1- It would be very interesting to know if it is possible and HOW can Homer consider PV East/West configuration (instead of typical south or North oriented PV)? 

2- Also is it possible to include Bifacial PV modules, which can increase the productivity 5-30% in high snowy locations like Canada and Alaska?

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We have covered the East - West configuration, but what about Bifacial PV modules with pure south orintation for example how to model them simply?


Hi Mohamed,


You can change the direction the PV panel is facing by changing the azimuth angle. You can find more information on the azimuth on our help documentation.


I believe you cannot model bifacial modules in HOMER Pro for now.



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What I really need is to compair both concepts PV South orinatation VS PV East-West orintation based on certain load demand. How can this be done?


Hi Mohamed,


You can do that comparison by adding azimuth angle and scaled annual average of load values as sensitivities. Input different angles that represent different configurations as sensitivity values and try calculating. Then enter scaled annual average for load as sensitivities and link it to the PV azimuth in the sensitivity variable window. Hope this helps.


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ok will do and provide you with feedback questions if needed


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