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When I generate report for one of my simulation, I reckon that the "End Time" is year 2007.

Is there any way to change when the project start in Homer?

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Hi Fajar, 

I'm not sure where you see that your project ends in 2007. Maybe I could understand better with a screenshot or if you uploaded your .homer file. 

HOMER doesn't deal with years differently: all years are assigned to start on Monday, January 1st at midnight, if you're uploading load data, for example. And it is not currently possible to assign a specific start date.  

Hope that helps!




Dear Steffi,

I saw that in the csv generated when you clicked (one of simulation result --> Compare Economics --> Export)

I attached the Image here.

Thank you,



Hey Fajar,

We picked that day for the start date because the data we use for load needs to align with weekly variability, so the days of the week and the anticipated load based on the days of the week match up. Weekends generally have very different load profiles to weekdays so it is important to keep them lined up, 2007 just happens to be the year that this practice started with.

Hope that answers your question.

- Andrew


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