[Solved] Custom component  


Hi Community,
I'm a new HOMER user, starting to use the software I found out the possibility of customizing my own component.
Reading in the forum and in the help section it seems that I can custom just electric generator.
My question is: Is it possible to introduce a thermal solar collector (or any other thermal generator different from a boiler or a CHP)?

Thanks in advance



Hi Daniele,

A custom component can be any resource. You can model your custom component (Thermal Solar Collector) using the MATLAB component, import the input time series data into HOMER and write your own MATLAB code to calculate the power output from your custom resource. Hope this helps.



Dhiwaakar Purusothaman

Hi Dhiwaakar,

thanks for your answer. I thought the same as you but then i read the help, paragraph, and it says to specify whether the component is an AC or a DC one so to introduce it in the right bus. What if the component's output has to enter the thermal bus?


Hi Daniele,

Sorry but the output of the custom component should be strictly electrical. You can probably model the equivalent electrical power output of your generator and connect it to the thermal load through one of the electrical buses. You cannot model the custom component to directly provide a thermal output.  You could also model your thermal load as a secondary electrical load and serve it using an electrical generator / custom component. 




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