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I'm developing the Matlab Link with our control, which consists of a dll called MatlabDispatchfunction. And I am analyzing the structures of parameters and state.

Is there a possibility that HOMER can add some new variables within the structures (for example, the hours of operation of the generators)? I'm analyzing the variables and I think they may need some variables.

Thank you in advance


Hi Ismael,


So far our parameter and state variables have been self-sufficient for dispatch algorithms. It is still a relatively new feature and we are constantly making updates to it. Thank you for the suggestions and feedback. We always appreciate it!


Best Regards,

Dhiwaakar Purusothaman


I'm working with matlab link and I needed to know the variables of irradiance, temperature and wind speed. Is there any parameter to call those variables from matlab?


Hi Ismael,


I'm afraid HOMER Pro doesn't have variables for irradiance, temperature and wind speed. If you are importing these data into HOMER Pro, you can also import them to MATLAB and use them for your calculations.



Dhiwaakar Rajasekaran


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