BUG: Pumped Hydro  


There appear to be a couple errors in the calculations of the "Notes" section of the Pumped Hydro component, which results in an incorrect value of 1059.0 instead of 1021.8 Ah for the Nominal Capacity (see attached).

Also, why is the "Max. Charge Rate (A/Ah)" = 1.0? It looks like either the default units or the value is incorrect (the documentation is missing information about this input).


The units suggest that the value should be equal to the "Max. Charge Current (A)" / "Nominal Capacity (Ah)" = 91.6 A / 1059.0 Ah = 0.086 hours

However, the value suggests that HOMER is dividing the "Max. Charge Current (A)" by the "Max. Discharge Current (A)", in which case the value would be unitless. 


Am I missing something?



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