BUG: Input Report missing information  


I'm modeling a project with (2) loads, hydro, PV, storage (LI batts), and a converter in HOMER Pro 3.8.7. 


The Input Report is missing a section for the hydro and maybe other inputs.

Edited: 6 months  ago

I'm using the Input Report for QAQC and transparency with my client and the owner, which is helpful for sharing without the need for a license or going through the model. In general many of the input names in the Input Report differ from what are used in the model, which should be reconciled. Additional inconsistencies and improvements:


Electric Loads

  • User-defined names do not show up in the Input Report, just the generic "Electric1" and "Electric2"
  • Sources say "Synthetic" but were imported from files, which is confusing


  • The Generic 1MWh Li-Ion battery "Quantities to Consider" does not match the model. It's listed as 0,1 in the Input Report, but the "Quantity Optimization" is set to HOMER Optimizer from 0 to 60 in the model.


  • Similar to above, the "Sizes to Consider" do not match the model.
  • Add the Inverter and Rectifier inputs to the report


(unrelated, the bullets in this comment didn't show up)


Hi Matt,


I would suggest you to download and use our latest version of HOMER Pro (3.9.2). We made a good amount of changes and bug fixes for the report feature in our 3.9 version. Please let me know if you still have the issue with the latest version. Thanks.



Dhiwaakar Rajasekaran

All the above and below apply to 3.9.2.



  • Missing cost inputs

Hi Matt,


We will look into this issue and see if it's a possible bug. If possible, could you please send us the HOMER and report files? It would help us identify the issue faster. Thanks.



Dhiwaakar Rajasekaran


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