Net metering VS Value of solar  


Some places in US like Austin and Minesota have a different aproach for solar generation. Instead of net metering, they have Value of Solar, which is based on the gross metering of the effective solar generation.

How can I model this sort of scheme in Homer?


Hi Gabriel,

My understanding - based on the articles that you included- is that value of solar is a fixed price is a price per kWh, which you are credited for selling back to the grid. In HOMER, this can be modeled and is called a sell-back price.

Here's an article on HOMER's capabilities reated to scheduled rates:

Hope that helps!


Hi Steffi, thank you for your answer!

The sellback rate in Homer is based on the net export to the grid, so the solar generation is discounted of internal consumption. In a gross metering scheme, we need to monetize the total solar generation.


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