Default currency issues  


I'm having difficulty with the default currency in the generators in the HOMER library. I have changed my project currency to USD (through the 'Economics' tab), but for some reason the generators I am trying to use from the HOMER library are defaulting to GBP (£). Does anyone know how to change this?


I think I found the problem with this. On the 'General' tab for the generator I am using, there is a tick box for 'Fixed generator capacity'. If you tick this box, the pricing in the 'Default' tab changes to pounds (GBP). If you leave the box unticked then the currency aligns with the currency outlined for the project in the Economics tab. I'm not sure if this has purpose or if it is a bug in the system?


Hi Drew,


Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems it's not a bug but just a display format. The default tab under the generators in the library has no specific currency format. It adjusts to whatever currency you choose in the project you include it to. 




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