Dhiwaakar Rajasekaran
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Title: Trusted HOMER Admin
Hi Stef,To get all the diesel gensets in the base case, sele... 1 month  ago
Hi Umdatul, You can write a MATLAB dispatch strategy to cust... 2 months  ago
Hello Dave, What are the errors that you get? Best,Dhiwaakar... 2 months  ago
Hi Gabriel, Demand charge is usually defined by utilities an... 2 months  ago
Hi Gabriel, Multi-year inputs can model component degradatio... 2 months  ago
Hi Umdatul, The battery doesn't charge to 100% of its total ... 2 months  ago
Hi Matt,Thanks for letting us know. We will update the docum... 2 months  ago
Hi Gabriel,The time series viewer only accepts .bin files. S... 2 months  ago
Hello Christos, It looks like some of your results that you ... 2 months  ago
Hello Mansoor, If some of the generators are going to be inc... 2 months  ago
Hello Gabriel, HOMER Pro doesn't copy sensitivity variables ... 3 months  ago
Hi Nigora, You can find detailed explanation on Grid Extensi... 3 months  ago
Hi Gabriel, I tried running your HOMER file and I am not abl... 3 months  ago
Hi Gabriel, Can you please send me the file and tell me the ... 3 months  ago
Hi Gabriel, The HOMER Optimizer's algorithm is proprietary a... 3 months  ago
Hi Ismael, I'm afraid HOMER Pro doesn't have variables for i... 3 months  ago
Hi Gabriel, The controller is purely algorithm based and not... 3 months  ago
Dear Wassim, There are multiple factor that are considered b... 3 months  ago
Hi Umdatul, I noticed that you have entered a different scal... 3 months  ago
Hi Umdatul, Can you please send me the file so I can have a ... 3 months  ago
Hi Umdatul, Did you make sure the turbine characteristics ar... 3 months  ago
Hi Matt, The difference between LF and CC can be realized on... 3 months  ago
Hi Matt, We will look into this issue and see if it's a poss... 3 months  ago
Hi Matt, We appreciate your interest and the effort you put ... 3 months  ago
Hi Matt, I would suggest you to download and use our latest ... 3 months  ago
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