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Dhiwaakar Rajasekaran
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Hi Greg, If you want to model just a lighting load, you can ... 3 days  ago
Hi Nakul, Yes, as long as you have the data to input in HOME... 3 days  ago
Hi Nakul, Your simulation timestep can be as small as 1-minu... 3 days  ago
Hi Dipti, If you don't enable multi-year, the results are as... 3 days  ago
Hi Tom, Under demand rates, try selecting discharge battery ... 3 days  ago
Hi, Could you guys also please try CSV format? Thanks,Dhiwaa... 3 days  ago
Hi Puck, HOMER Pro performs energy balance in each time step... 3 days  ago
Hi Odou, In HOMER, under Project -> Economics, you can se... 4 weeks  ago
Hi Drew, Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems it's not a bu... 4 weeks  ago
Hi Bert, Thermal storage is not currently formally supported... 4 weeks  ago
Hi Doli, You can model all these components and be able to a... 4 weeks  ago
Hi, If you have the battery specifications, you can create a... 1 month  ago
Hi Mohamed, Currently, HOMER Pro considers only one battery ... 2 months  ago
Hi Mohamed, You can do that comparison by adding azimuth ang... 2 months  ago
Hi Mohamed, You can change the direction the PV panel is fac... 2 months  ago
Hi Anguvika, Any additional costs can be added to system fix... 2 months  ago
Hi Anguvika, Any additional costs can be added to system fix... 2 months  ago
 Hi Rachel, The file format (extension) doesn't really matte... 2 months  ago
Hi Stef,To get all the diesel gensets in the base case, sele... 3 months  ago
Hi Umdatul, You can write a MATLAB dispatch strategy to cust... 4 months  ago
Hello Dave, What are the errors that you get? Best,Dhiwaakar... 4 months  ago
Hi Gabriel, Demand charge is usually defined by utilities an... 4 months  ago
Hi Gabriel, Multi-year inputs can model component degradatio... 4 months  ago
Hi Umdatul, The battery doesn't charge to 100% of its total ... 4 months  ago
Hi Matt,Thanks for letting us know. We will update the docum... 4 months  ago
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