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Andrew Flynn
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Hi there Yesaswini, I checked in with our engineers and w... 10 months  ago
Hey Jen, Glad to see you're putting HOMER to good use. I ... 10 months  ago
Hello Wassim, Great question. The optimizer is a pretty c... 11 months  ago
Hey Anthony, Could you attach your HOMER file for us to t... 11 months  ago
That sounds like what HOMER should do automatically, if you ... 11 months  ago
Alaaeldin, sorry for the delayed response. The guy I would a... 11 months  ago
There is not, however you can export your results as a CSV f... 11 months  ago
HOMER doesn't to C-rates, because HOMER doesn't do power flo... 11 months  ago
oh ok good, glad to hear you figured it out. - AF 11 months  ago
Hey Tom, we've exported a lot of files out of HOMER as CSV f... 11 months  ago
You can input the battery capacity, it is simply a factor of... 11 months  ago
Hey Jim, You can modify the battery capacity by using the... 12 months  ago
Nomaanh, it is a bit more complicated than simply multiplyin... 12 months  ago
Hi Dipti, There is a pretty easy answer to your question,... 12 months  ago
If you are talking about the grid price for electricity, the... 12 months  ago
Hey Stef, I'm going to set up a ticket for you so it will be... 1 year  ago
Hello mattia, hope you are doing well. Basically what you... 1 year  ago
Nice job figuring it out! let us know if you have any other ... 1 year  ago
Hey Esteban, Can you describe the specific use case for t... 1 year  ago
Image Link didn't work on that one, here you go. PV-in-Isra... 1 year  ago
Oh my apologies, I deal with a lot of general support issues... 1 year  ago
Can you attach your homer file? I'll take a more detailed lo... 1 year  ago
I think I've answered your question on a different medium, I... 1 year  ago
Hey Hazriq, if you left click on any sensitivity case you wi... 1 year  ago
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