Catch Up on the Latest Microgrid Industry News! November 15, 2016

Catch Up on the Latest Microgrid Industry News! November 15, 2016

Microgrid Industry News — November 15,  2016

New President, New Congress: How Policymakers Can Fix America’s Electricity Infrastructure

With a new president and Congress taking office in January, legislation to address America’s deteriorating infrastructure will likely be debated. High on their list of priorities should be new policies encouraging private-sector investment and innovation in the electricity sector, particularly in microgrids and smart meters.

Connecticut Governor Advances Commitment to Storm Resiliency with Funding for New Microgrids

Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced Monday that Connecticut’s innovative and successful microgrid program will take another major step forward. When the State Bond Commission meets today, it is expected to approve $30 million in funding for new projects that will strengthen the state’s resiliency against future weather events. Connecticut has been hard-hit by storms in recent years.

Duquesne Microgrid Project Could Dramatically Change Pittsburgh’s Power Grid

Duquesne Light  has selected an engineering firm to begin construction next year of an experimental microgrid on its Woods Run facility and Preble Service Center, a project that energy researchers say has the potential to dramatically alter the power grid in Pittsburgh.  In addition to natural gas, the utility plans two rooftop solar installations totaling 100 kilowatts each, as well as a wind turbine to generate a small amount of power. Three large-scale batteries would provide storage for the solar and wind generation, and provide backup power


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